Economic Powerhouse

The Texas midstream industry is an economic driver, contributing enormously to the state’s economic output, jobs and government revenues.

Without the network of natural gas gathering and transmission lines and storage facilities, Texas would not only be deprived of the vital fuels and hydrocarbons it needs to grow and thrive, but also the revenues, taxes and jobs that bolster the state’s economy.

In 2022, the total economic impact from Texas pipeline operations and construction includes:

$60.5 Billion

in economic output



$34 Billion

in additional gross state product

$3.6 Billion

in state & local government revenues

The strength of the midstream industry is expected to continue. Over the next 40 years the pipeline industry is conservatively expected to generate cumulative economic impacts of:

  • $1.86 trillion in economic output
  • $1.05 trillion in additional gross state product
  • $110.34 billion in state and local government revenues
  • Nearly 525,000 jobs
  • $377,000 in cumulative property tax revenues generated per mile of a pipeline for a typical Texas county

*in today’s dollars